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TecXpert Provides a Wide Variety of IT Support & Services
in Geauga, Lake & Cuyahoga Counties

We provides a wide variety of IT support.  Servers, Networks, Computers, or Software, your solutions start here.

Choose Your TecXpert IT Support level

A number of our business clients have internal resources that take care of day to day issues.  We can step in when more in depth technical issues occur.  If desired, we will provide your staff with the solutions to those problems for future reference.  If you have too many issues at once or your IT staff is unavailable, we can help.

If you don’t have the internal expertise or prefer to focus resources on your business, we can take charge.  When problems arise or for scheduled upgrades and maintenance, we can assist.  Phone support, remote control or hands on onsite attention, we provide the solutions you need.

Computer Options, our retail location in the West Geauga Plaza accepts drop off and pickups for computer repairs. Bring in your PCs in for hardware problems, infections, updates, software installations or any computer problems for our prompt professional service.

We Can Provide Your IT Hardware Solutions

PCs, Servers, Workstations, Routers, Security Appliances, Networks, Wireless, Sales and Consulting

Does your IT equipment work?  TecXpert won’t insist you replace it with the latest brand to grab a headline.  If there are security exposures or performance issues in your systems, we will give you the information to make an informed decision.  If you decide to make a change, we will provide options that fit your needs.

Computers to meet your needs.
PC Computers Geuaga County

We sell HP, Lenovo and Dell systems as well as other brands by request. If you prefer a specific brand, we won’t try to talk you into something we prefer.  

If you prefer to purchase your systems directly, we will be happy to help you configure, connect to your networks and transfer data as desired.  Do you need consulting for new computers and want to be sure to purchase systems that will meet requirements for the future?  

We will research your software and analyze usage to give you options.

Servers that boost performance.
server sales geuaga county

Are your servers slow, low on storage space, reaching end of life, preparing to install upgraded software?  We can upgrade your existing hardware or migrate to new equipment.

Do you have or need multiple servers?  Move to virtual machines, minimizing hardware and simplifying future upgrades. We can custom design and build a server for you from HP, Lenovo or Dell.

The performance you require.
Workstation sales & service Geuaga

Business critical users and high resource programs need workstation class systems.  CAD, Video and graphics design, Medical imaging and other computing intensive fields need the right hardware for reliability and performance.

Routers and Security Appliances
Secures every connected thing
Dell Router Chesterland ohio

Do you have or need a business class router or security appliance? WatchGuard, Cisco, Sonicwall, Fortigate and more, we can configure and maintain the device that connects your network to the rest of the world.  

Remote access, VPN, live scanning for virus and malware can all be performed at this point.

Allow the sharing of data.
Networking Solutions Burton Ohio

Your network is the backbone of your computing systems.  If it is poorly designed or misconfigured, issues can cascade into every other system.  

We can reconfigure your existing configuration or install the right hardware if it is time for a change.  

Need to expand or rearrange, we can run new cabling to the locations you need.

Discover the latest.
wireless geauga county

Does you wireless network drop signals or slow to a crawl in certain locations?  Are your mobile devices only useful in certain locations?  

We can reconfigure your existing devices to work more effectively or upgrade to the right kind of equipment to meet the wireless solutions you need.

Operating Systems

Manages computer hardware and software resources.

Windows Server, Windows Clients, UNIX

The Operating System on your PC or Server is a means to an end for most users. It’s used to provide access to Internet or internal Software resources.  When searching the web, opening email, connecting to a Virtual machine or entering data into your vertical software application, worrying about the latest Windows update, Java version or .NET patch isn’t on the list of things to do.  We can help you make sure your systems are up to date and comply with the requirements of the sites and software that you need to utilize.

Virtual Systems

Virtual system implementations are everywhere today. If you need to host your server in the Cloud, run Remote Apps or connect to virtual systems, we can help.  If it’s time to migrate your current servers, we will consult with you to determine if a Cloud hosted or on premise Virtual server host is the optimal configuration technically and financially.  Do your users need remote access to systems, desktops or applications?  There are secure configurations that will accomplish your goals.

Sales and Consulting

TecXpert sells Systems, Servers, Network equipment, software and a variety of parts to fit your needs. If you prefer to purchase from a specific vendor or online, we will evaluate your needs and provide suggestions so you can get the right hardware from your own sources.

Are you evaluating new software or considering changes to your IT equipment or structure?  Our Consulting will provide you with technical analysis to help find the right solutions in your environment.


Online data access, services and support. The Cloud is a marketing term for anything hosted or provided through the Internet.  

Data storage and multi device access, shared information, multi-location collaboration, backups, high availability
and more have all been made possible by high speed access to the Internet from wired and wireless locations.  

The question is what Cloud options match your needs, if any.  Our consultants will analyze how to best utilize the technology available in today’s environments.


Support for a wide variety of software and interaction with vendors to find solutions.

Web Design

TecXpert are experts in Computers, Servers, Networks, Software and more. We focus on our expertise and partner with other experts to get you the best solutions.

If you need Web Design, SEO or Graphics design, we partner with

IT Experience in Your Vertical Industry

IT experience in your vertical industry helps us more quickly grasp the specific challenges your business faces.  We work with a wide array of companies and can bring that knowledge and experience to your technical environment.  Being familiar with the terminology and practices of specific businesses allows us solve problems and customize solutions to fit your needs.

Industries we serve:

Medical Offices, Retail Sales, Sporting Goods, Auto Dealerships, Insurance Companies, Manufacturers, Contractors, Local Government, Salons, Restaurants, Recruiters, Landscaping and many more.

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