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We provide IT Maintenance to Support Small Businesses
in Geauga, Lake & Cuyahoga Counties

Maintenance for your IT systems is similar to maintaining your auto or home.  Failure to maintain your network, servers, or user computers will result in failures.  Basic upkeep can prevent expensive repairs from happening when you are unprepared.  Maintaining software, hardware and devices is all part of keeping your systems running reliably on a day to day basis.  

TecXpert provides a wide range of IT maintenance services for your hardware and software.

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Disaster Planning, Protection and Recovery

Disaster planning can cover simple recoveries as well as complete and complex ones. Having a plan in place to recover your accounting software and PC may be all you need.  From a single PC to multiple virtual servers with Databases that need High Availability and cloud replication, Disaster planning should be part of your IT systems.

Backups are a critical part of any maintenance plan.  Onsite, offsite, online, we can help you find the right level of recovery for your needs. Computers need regular operating system and software updates.  Depending on the system, it may also need driver or firmware updates.  We can monitor or check for these on a scheduled basis.

Servers require a more regular maintenance schedule than the average PC.  Their heavier usage and exposure to many more programs and systems makes them more vulnerable.  A concentration of important data and programs increases the risk of significant losses.

Scheduled hardware replacements

Do you have critical systems in your day to day operations?  You may have a need for scheduled hardware replacement.  Computer and Server hard drives, Battery backup systems, and backup media are frequently on scheduled hardware replacement lists.  Devices have an anticipated lifespan and can be replaced on a schedule to try and avoid frustrating and expensive downtime.

Clean up file structure and security

Companies frequently develop their file structure over years and end up with a web of folders, files and information that is hard to navigate and contains outdated or useless information.  We can help you organize your file structures into a logical layout making it easier to apply security and proper access, so the right users in the right groups can get to what they need and not to what they shouldn’t.


Manufacturers send out Server and PC hardware updates for firmware and components, aka device drivers on a regular basis.  Software providers frequently update their programs as well, beyond the every year or two program updates they sell. Even network devices like routers, switches and wireless access points, have updates published for them.  

Operating system updates can take time and may cause instability or other new problems.  Updates frequently contain patches for security flaws and bug fixes as well as feature updates.  TecXpert can put processes in place to help implement updates for your systems, with the appropriate recovery options in the event the fixes for your systems turn out to cause more problems than they solve.

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